Friday, September 11, 2009


So, its still not signed yet, but all probability looks like we'll be moving to Beijing for 2 years from January 2010. My division in Agilent is closing down all R&D at the South Queensferry site and my department's work is moving to Beijing. Since neitehr the boss, test lead not anyone else in the department wanted to move to Beijing, I got the job. Its a great opportunity, but somewhat scary too.

So, we are trying to fix the house up ready to rent it out for 2 years. Lots to do. Keep finding extra jobs that need doing too. There's so many things in a house that one doesn't relly mind but need fixing up for a rental. And soon we'll need to start doing all the medicals, application forms for visas, vaccinations, etc.

Marian and I had a preview trip in June and throught it was great. We're currently thinking of getting a place close to Chao Yang Park in eastern Beijing and of course we'll carry on homeschooling while we are there. This saves Agilent about £25000 a year in fees so I hope they are grateful!

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